How To Pull Off Barbie Pink Lipstick

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Barbie pink lipstick may not be the main trend of Spring 2015 season but it definitely made impression during Milan Fashion Week. The brand that built their whole collection for the season was Moschino who stepped away from their favorite red with this.

Choosing the right pink shade for your complexion is as important as with any other lipstick color. Learn how to choose lipstick here.

Tips for Wearing Barbie Pink Lipstick

Moschino Spring 2015 show

Moschino Spring 2015 show

Nicky Minaj and Rihanna have easily worn barbie pink in public but what about an everyday person? Well, if your goal is to make barbie pink wearable there are a few steps you can take while creating the look.

Go Matte

If you don’t want that plastic look on your lips you may benefit from going for a matte texture as seen at Aquilano.Rimondi. Toss the gloss and creamy lipstick in favor of barbie pink matte products making sure your lips are fully prepped and properly moisturized.

Try Sheer

If matte texture doesn’t work for you try using sheer barbie pink. You’ll find it most wearable in real life and quite easy to fix during the day. Pink tinted lip balm is a perfect thing for this. It moisturizes your lips and gives you the most natural pink.

Aquilano.Rimondi Spring 2015 show

Aquilano.Rimondi Spring 2015, backstage

Keep Focused

Trying to replicate Barbie’s whole look may not be such a good idea. Recall Nicky Minaj back in 2011. Instead opt for barely there eye makeup (think a coar or two of mascara) and keep the focus on the lips. Also it may be a good idea not to wear a blonde wig.

Other variations of pink have been spotted at Tahir Sultan Spring 2015 show. It’s a much brighter pink that is closer to fuchsia. The models had it paired with glittered eyes and top knots, which once toned down could be a great holiday look.

What do you think about barbie pink lip? Love it or hate it?

Tahir Sultan Spring 2015 show

Tahir Sultan Spring 2015 show

Barbie pink lips

Barbie pink lip look

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