How To Protect Eyelashes

Eyelashes are not mere decorations to our face. They play a very important role at protecting a delicate eye surface from dust, particles and other things that would otherwise hurt our eyes so it's important to protect them.

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Thick and long eyelashes are dramatic and expressive hence we have mascara, false lashes, extensions. But all these and other things can weaken the eyelashes or even damage it. Since eyelashes are not merely decorative but protect our eyes from damage it’s important to also protect eyelashes.

How To Protect Eyelashes

Healthy Diet & Lifestyle

These two are inevitable and influence all aspects of our health and appearance. A well-balanced diet and healthy lifestyle will improve not only lashes but also hair, skin and nails. Proper hygiene requires the use of clean cotton tampons and individual cosmetic products specially for eyes and sensitive skin around it. Never touch eyes with dirty hands or rub them as it may harm not only the lashes but also thin blood vessels in the skin around the eyes.

How To Protect Eyelashes

Good Quality Cosmetics

Use only good quality mascara and other eye makeup products. Make sure they are hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested and ophthalmologist approved. This will help prevent allergic reactions that can cause eye irritation and rubbing.

False Eyelashes & Extensions

There are these ways to extend and thicken eyelashes. But these involve more risk of lash damage than say mascara. False eyelashes may cause eyelash damage if applied and removed improperly or worn constantly. The glue that is used to make the false eyelashes hold may accidentally pull out the natural eyelashes when removed abruptly. The lashes may recover but it’s a not quick process so be extremely careful when removing those. Also do not wear them too often and save it for a special event.

How To Protect Eyelashes

Experts say that the extensions if applied by highly skilled professionals with the use of high-quality glue and materials will not damage the eyelashes. But there are many nuances to consider in order to protect the natural eyelashes from damage.

First of all not all trainees are professional and use the best quality glue that doesn’t damage the natural eyelash. Then the eyelashes that will be glued to yours should fit with them by weight. When the extensions are too heavy the natural eyelashes may be weighed down which gives not only an unflattering look but may even cause the lash break off. Permanent wear of such extensions may cause eyelash hair loss. Then the extensions are rather high-maintenance in terms of care and investment as they require regular touch-ups.

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