How To Match And Coordinate Makeup

Is it a faux pas to wear matching manicure and pedicure? What about matching lipstick to a dress? As the rules change, we still need some guidance as to what can be matched and what should rather be coordinated. Makeup is a part of the whole look that also includes an outfit, manicure/pedicure, and hair. So here are some tips on how to match and coordinate makeup.

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How To Match And Coordinate Makeup

Makeup and manicure are a part of the look just like the outfit. They can make or break it so it’s important to known what can be matched and what can be coordinated. When choosing makeup for an outfit, remember about the contrast and the balance:

Contrast makes things interesting. It mixes up things to make the look eye catchy and give it some character.

Balance keeps things under control preventing the look from going overboard. So matching a few things in the look can make it look more consistent and though out.

How To Match And Coordinate Makeup

Matching manicure and pedicure: an old rule doesn’t have to be followed strictly. In order to get a flattering look opt for colors in manicure and pedicure that coordinate well.

Matching lipstick to nail polish: This is acceptable. In fact every other makeup ad shows a model wearing matching lipstick and nail polish. Though this is not necessarily a rule and one can wear different lip color and nail polish.

How To Match And Coordinate Makeup

Matching lipstick to a dress/outfit: This is interesting. There are so many nuances to be considered. Matching lipstick to a dress can be tricky and sometimes look too overloaded. In this case try distributing colors evenly, for example matching lipstick to an accessory or shoes. If wearing an ensemble then try matching lipstick to a skirt or pants. Also be sure not to overload the look with accents in one color.

As for eye makeup opt for colors that complement the dress color. It is acceptable to wear eyeshadow of similar color as the dress or top but then it’s better to go with tame lips.

Matching lipstick to eye makeup: It’s better to keep these two at least somewhat different. Besides if wearing bright lips it’s better to keep the eyes tame and vice versa.

How to coordinate lipstick and blush: When choosing blush to coordinate with the lipstick make sure the colors go well together. It’s better to keep them somewhat similar.

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