How To Get Glow Without Shine

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Craving for that model glow? There are many products out there that can help you achieve it almost effortlessly but the problem is to keep oily/sweaty shine at bay.

How To Get Glow

Summer glow

Oil Control

Mattifying, oil control products can help significantly reduce shine. Some primers have those properties so getting two-in-one product might not be a bad idea. Prepare skin before applying any makeup to make sure everything will stay intact throughout the day. If you have oily skin carrying mattifying towelettes can help control oil shine during the day.

Powder Power

When it comes to illuminating skin to create that coveted glow stick to powder. In summer when you sweat a lot a touch of illuminating powder will do more good than a liquid product. Also make sure there is as little and refined sparkle as possible. You don’t want too much glitter on a sweaty face.

Keep Cool

Keeping cool can be challenging especially if your summer climate is wicked but a girl’s gotta do what she’s gotta do if she wants to keep that glow with no shine. Keeping cool with AC in the office is easy but how do you stay sweat-free outdoors? First, make sure to stay in shade as much as possible. Wear clothes made of lightweight natural fabrics as they let your skin breathe without trapping too much sweat-inducing heat.

Don’t Overdo

When trying to get that glow try not to overdo with makeup and products. You want to look natural and keep the glitter and shine to a minimum. Choose products that give a subtle illumination and use them sparingly only on the highest points of your face (nose bridge, cupid bow, brow bone, above cheekbones).

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