How to Create Unique Look

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How to create your own image

Maquillage is a part of our image. It also expresses our style, mood, and how we want to be perceived. The same with your hairstyle. Loose and natural your image says you are not afraid to look the way you are or you are simply comfortable with your looks. In this post we’ll talk about how to create a unique look. It may be based on conventional types of images as well as be quite unique and original.

There are many styles which can express your individuality such as femme fatale, natural goddess or retro chic. There are conventional looks such as a business woman or cutie. It’s up to you which one to choose. But you don’t have to stick to one of them all the time.

Try vintage makeup some time and you might see yourself in a completely different light. It adds classy touch to your image and goes well with babydoll dresses or evening gowns. Make a wavy ‘do and become a Mad Men star.

How to create your own image

In order to create your own unique look you’ll have to go farther than just picking up a known scheme or image. Firstly, you’ll have to try many various makeups and ‘dos to figure out what suits you and what areas you’d rather downplay. Try mix and match various styles. It might yield some unexpected results. Experiment is the best way to creating something new.

Do not be afraid of color but avoid bad color combos and unflattering textures. Thus if you have wrinkles under your eyes it is better to stick to non-shimmery shadows. If your lips are thin it is safer to use light shades and glossy textures.

Get inspired by your outfit if you already have created one. Take its color scheme as a base for your makeup. Get inspired by all the things around you in order to bring in novelty to your appearance. Know your flaws and features you are proud of in order to make your new look flattering. Learn new makeup techniques and trends and add your own touch to them.

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