How to Conquer Eye Redness

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Red eyes betray your tired or weak condition. I think we all faced this problem at least couple of times. What if your work requires much of your eye tension? It simply cannot be allowed to walk with red eyes the rest of the day! Contrary to the other ailments, the eye redness can be easily discovered by our own: tiny blood vessels (that are located almost at the surface of the bulb of an eye) widen leading to eye redness.

Eye Redness

There are lots of reasons that can cause this pretty evident problem: wind, tears, cigarette smoke, and monitor radiation, allergic reaction to household dust, cat hair, and pollen and even to some cosmetic products. This list is endless.

Besides, imaging the situation when you’ve been appointed to the interview and the red eyes give you a pretty tired, exhausted and sometimes ill appearance. That can alienate the interviewer.

It’s not so complicated to get rid of the causes of the red eye. Following the several easy rules you can keep your eyes serene!

Predominantly all therapeutists assert that your eyes have rest when you have it. Find time for getting enough sleep.

There are some circumstances of course when you are pushed on a tight timetable with lots of work to do. In this case you should take breaks for 5-10 minutes so that your eyes could be restored.

If you’re allergic to the pollen, to the household dust or to your new dress, take it all away from you. But if you have no idea what could cause the sort of the red eyes reaction, throw out all the aromatic products. Try to wear only natural clothes, and use the odourless shampoos, soaps and cosmetic products.

Woman Putting on the Lens

If you wear the contact lens you should know that having them for too long on your eyeball can affect the eyes just as if you spent hours-long watching TV. Point is that the lenses wear out with time. They rub against the cornea.

Take them off for the nighttime to allow your eyes to “breath” and rest from the foreign objects.

It’s probably impossible to foresee all the situations that can lead to the red eyes. But here are 2 urgent red eyes treatment measures.

Eye Dropping

  • Put into your clutch the eye drops that can easily take out the red eyes symptoms. Don’t use them too often because the eyes can get used to them.
  • Apply a cold compress for 25-30 minutes. That can be ice cubes or just the handkerchief wet with cold water. The compress helps to relieve the eye stress.

Remember this advice is wholesome if the eye redness is a temporary problem. But if it lasts for a pretty long period of time, consult the doctor to avoid the complications.

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  1. Chloe Says:

    i have “ReFresh” drops! them really help me!

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