How to Choose Right Mascara?

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Who doesn’t dream of picking up such mascara which would lengthen volumize and twist eyelashes at the same time and moreover wouldn’t run if you’d like to shed a few tears?

And that’s right! Ads overstrain all around; cosmetic store departments are full of various mascara kinds, but we’re so often unsatisfied with the results: sometimes we get an allergy because of new mascara; sometimes the effect comes short…

But how to please today’s woman? Let’s sort it out…

How to choose right mascara

Makeup manuals are full of makeup technique advices, but try to find the information about mascara and you will see how little attention authors pay to this very important makeup detail. Meanwhile the mascara role is difficult to overestimate, as you know a real woman can charm a man only by a glance.

Can you imagine a charming glance without long and curled eyelashes? No, no one can manage without it… What a pitiful sight!

To understand what kind of mascara would absolutely suit you, it’s necessary to find out what lashes you have:
Mascara brushes
• Short and thin lashes. –Lengthening and volume mascara, containing gums, with thin brush and sparse bristle.

• Long, but thin and sparse lashes. — Volume mascara with spirulate and sparse bristles; curling mascara.

• Short but thick lashes. –Lengthening mascara with thick brush.

• Long and thick lashes. — Curling mascara, but in fact do you really need mascara?

• Running eyes. –Water-proof mascara or special water-proof covering for mascara.

• Sensitive eyes. — Mascara for sensitive eyes with little thick brush and without irritative components.
How to choose right mascara

But it’s just the first step in mascara searching.

It’s also essential to know how to use it to extend its lifetime, and your pleasure of using it. Here are some professional tips:

• Mascara should be changed every 3-6 months, no matter how lovely it was. And of course you shouldn’t share it with someone else.

How to choose right mascara

• To apply mascara right is also necessary: from the base to the points in the direction of the outer eyebrow side, and at that shifting the brush in zigzag manner. It saves you from pads formation. The second coat can be applied only after half an hour, when the first one dries absolutely.

• If your mascara dries off a little, you can revive it, dipping closed bottle upright into hot water for about 2 minutes.

• Tweezers for eyelashes curling shouldn’t be used after applying mascara; otherwise your eyelashes become fragile.

• Water-proof mascara has a bad feature of sticking eyelashes, after drying you have to comb them by special brush.

how to choose mascara

Now the problem of choosing the right mascara is solved, you can bravely get down to image perfection!

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