How to choose lipstick

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Every woman knows how important the lipstick is. I cannot even imagine what we would use if the lipstick hadn’t been invented.

However, not all of us can apply the lipstick correctly. It seems to be so easy to apply it but the way it looks on lips of girls we see around us tells a lot about those skills of applying and what is more significant, choosing it.

Choosing the lipstick is often a complicated thing. The color palette of the lipstick is so rich now, no wonder why some women make mistake when doing that. Besides, the actual color of the lipstick can be a bit different from what you have on the lips in the result. Moreover, the color of the lipstick should be related to your skin type.

red lipstick

To avoid those possible mistakes let’s cover the topic of choosing the right lipstick now.

Composition and expiry date of the lipstick

Any lipstick contains wax, moisturizing oils, coloring and softening substances. These are the ingredients you should pay attention to when trying to determine the quality of the lipstick. Wax makes the lipstick soft and easy to apply.

Beeswax and Brazilian palm tree wax are most often used in production of make up products.

The oils most commonly included into the composition of the lipstick are the following: castor oil, mineral oil, olive oil and coconut oil, as well as lanolin and Vaseline. Castor oil is a necessary component in the lipstick composition as it is the one that adds shining to the color.

Many producers use Aloe Vera, amino acids, collagen, vitamin E, moisturizing and sun protective ingredients which make lips soft, good-looking and protect them from the bad impact of the environment.

When choosing the lipstick pay attention to the care it can provide your lips with. High amount of wax and oils will make your lips smooth and soft while the increased number of vitamin A and C will protect the lips from negative influence of the weather and environment factors.

glossy lipstick

Sun rays are harmful for the mucous tunic of the lips. To protect the lips world producers of the lipstick add UV filters into the composition.

Expiry date is specified by the producer. So, when choosing the lipstick see the expiry date. The lipstick that has been kept in bad conditions or has spoilt already has a poignant smell, becomes too liquid or too dry.

Properties of the lipstick

What is the ideal lipstick like? Well, it should keep the color, moisturize and protect the tender lip skin. Besides, it shouldn’t be too dry or go off too soon. It can’t run or leave spots on the lips after you have removed it.

Based on different properties the lipstick can come in three main kinds: lasting, matte and glossy. Lasting lipstick stays visible and bright for a long time due to the fact wax and some water-proof substances are included into its composition. Lasting lipstick should be applied on dry lips. It takes a minute for a lipstick to fix on the lips. After that, you can enjoy your lips being colored for about eleven hours. However, if you have opted for a lasting lipstick avoid eating any fatty products as they can remove your lipstick easily.

Matte lipstick contains a lot of powder and wax. The color is deep and mysterious. It looks great on full lips but is to be avoided for thin lips.

If you wish to create the illusion of fuller lips try a glossy lipstick. It is applied easily, moisturizes well and makes the skin smooth.

How to choose the color of the lipstick

yellow lipstick

Choosing the right color of the lipstick is not easy but possible. When selecting for a lipstick in a store apply some amount of it on your fingertips, not on your wrist skin. The matter is that the color of the lipstick itself might look differently from the color you get on your lips depending on your lip natural color. And the color of your fingertip skin is the closest to this tone.

If you buy the lipstick in good specialized stores shop assistants will give you good advice. But in case you can’t trust such a thing to anyone else your task is to determine which color will show the most of your lips.

For example, if the lips are full, matte tones will look the best on them: all shades of purple, brown and bronze. Thinner lips look good with lighter tones. A platinum blonde should choose delicate berry tints, cappuccino and pink-lilac hues. Golden blondes can opt for a coral, apricot or peach color.

Fair-haired women with olive complexion and red-haired beauties might love brick red, dark-peach and cinnamon colors of the lipstick.


Regardless of the hair color try to avoid bright orange lipsticks as these will make your teeth look yellowish.

Mature women are not recommended to choose matte lipsticks. Opt for glossy ones, they will make your lips look softer.

If you have little time for make up apply rosy lipstick that will make you look fresher and more delicate. You can use lip balm for every day application. It can be applied over the lipstick to add some shine to it and make the color more vibrant.

Lip glosses are great but try to use them for evenings out and parties.


How to apply the lipstick
To make the lipstick always look bright remove excess lipstick with a tissue. Then apply one more layer of the lipstick and remove the excess lipstick again. Moreover, bite the tissue to remove the lipstick from your teeth.

When applying liquid and moisturizing lipsticks use a lip liner to prevent the lipstick from running. Your lips will have a perfect shape. You can apply the lip liner as foundation, this will help you keep the color for a longer period of time.
If you don’t use the lip liner the lips will look natural but a bit shapeless.

Be careful when choosing the color for your lip liner. Try to opt for a tone similar to the lipstick color, otherwise your make up will look too vulgar.

These tips are great and I have used them for myself. But they are not rules and this leaves you much freedom for experiments! Try various variants and find your own personal make up style!

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