How to Choose Fake Eyelashes

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Fake lashes are becoming more and more popular as women want to look more like their favorite celebs with gorgeous fluffy eyelashes.

false lashes

False lashes tend to add drama and glamour in an instant. But despite the fact they are so widely used nowadays not all women know how to apply them and even how to choose fake lashes. However, it is not really difficult.

All you need is patience and a little practice to ensure you can create a fantastic look with the help of false lashes.

fake eyelashes

This article will tell you all about the types of fake eyelashes we see on the market today. To know the difference is essential as far as you can select various types of lashes for various occasions.

Generally false eyelashes come in two different varieties.

These are full lash designs and individual lash enhancers. The individual lashes can be good for those who have a great set of lashes, but want to add a bit of thickness to the mix.

flirty feathered lashes

For a complete new “soft” look you better choose full lash items.

Color selection in fake eyelashes is also important. There are many possible hues in which the lashes come: from classic black to outrageous pink or bright orange.

outrageous feather lash wings

So the choice greatly depends on your intentions. If you want to make your eyes look sexy it’s better to select lashes of a more natural color, in case you wish to stand out opt for more bright tints.

Full strip lashes

Full strips come in many forms. The longer and fuller they are the more dramatic effect they’ll add to your eyes. But be careful with the length of the false lashes.

natural look lashes

If they are too long they look fake and even a bit comical. So, don’t overdo. Trim them to the length your lashes are or just a little bit longer.

lashes with feather corner

There are plenty of full strip lashes that come in extreme colors: red, fuchsia, green, etc. They give you a terrific look when you go to a party and want to amaze your friends.

fuchsia lashes

blue lashes

Another good choice for that is strip lashes with crystals that glitter when you wink. Looks fabulous!

twinkle glitter lashes

Another possible decision for confident girls might be feathered lashes, those that really create an effect of feathers on the eyes. Looks extraordinary but interesting. If you feel you can be quite different from others these lashes are for you.

long feathered lashes with crystals

When you want to create a natural look, avoid glittery or very dense lashes and apply your usual mascara.

Three-quarter strip lashes

three quarter rhine stone lashes

These lashes are hard to find, but look amazing. They give the effect that all your lashes are more directed to the external corner of your eyes. It looks well either, when you know how to mascara your eyes correctly and apply eyeliner and shadows right.

luxe black lashes

Individual lashes

Individual lashes create the most natural look. You can’t even tell they’re there most of the time. But they have a drawback either – they are difficult to apply if you have short and scarce lashes.

individual lashes

They work well for girls with their own great eyelashes but willing to make the look more superb!

Lower lashes

And at last lower lashes. Many women prefer to avoid using them widely, thinking they are always seen to be false. Yes, they might be seen if you apply them incorrectly. But if you know and are able to do that right you will have nice lower lashes and nobody will know they are not natural!

So, girls and ladies, with the Valentine’s Day around the corner, I hope this article will be helpful for you to create a really special magnificent look of yours!

Longoria fake lashes

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