How to Choose Face Powder

One of the essential makeup products that can be found in every woman’s makeup bag is no doubt Her Majesty, face powder. It is quite hard to select the one that would suit your face skin perfectly, thus I’d like to share with you tips on how to choose face powder properly…

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With the help of face powder we can easily make our face skin look even and velvety, remove oily sheen, and conceal possible skin imperfections. Face powder is absolutely irreplaceable while doing makeup in the morning as well as for correcting it during the day. Actually face powder advantages can be specified endlessly, but in order to enjoy all its delights fully you are to choose the most appropriate one that would meet all your requirements. Thus I’d like to call your attention to the variety of face powders, as well as advantages and features of each powder type.

How to Choose Face Powder

Compact Powder

Let’s start with the compact powder. Its obvious advantage can be descried even in the name of the powder. ‘Compact’ means that you can always carry it in your makeup bag and apply everywhere at any time. This kind of powder has everything that woman can need, I mean, small-sized leakproof holder, embedded mirror, and handy applicator.

How to Choose Face Powder

However compact powder has some disadvantages. At first it can’t be applied as even as its loose counterpart, especially if you apply it with the help of the sponge instead of certain makeup brush set for powder. One more problem you can face with if you’re going to opt for this type of face powder is difficulty with its tone selection. Its homogeneous color and texture doesn’t let you vary colors. Thus you should choose compact powder tone very carefully and remember that it is better to get a little bit lighter tone than the darker one.

Loose Powder

How to Choose Face Powder

Loose powder can give you more variations in creating your beauty look. Take more powder and the coat would be denser, take less and it will make your skin look matte. Loose powder is applied to skin more easily, creating the effect of even, yet natural skin tone. Though, loose powder has some obvious drawbacks such as big powder-case and inconvenient way of its application.

Bronze Powder

How to Choose Face Powder

Bronze powder is set to add light tan touch to your face, surely it can conceal some skin imperfections as well, but it shouldn’t be used as the usual powder substitute and if you don’t want to get ‘bronze face mask’ you are to be very careful with its application. Bronze powder should be applied with the help of a makeup brush, and if it is applied properly your face will get fresh blooming look.

Mosaic Powder

How to Choose Face Powder

And the last is mosaic powder. It is usually produced in the form of varicolored layers and can be applied with the help of makeup brush. This type of face powder is the most diverse in the art of application. If you want to conceal red spot or pimple on your face then apply a little bit green powder tone, yellow one can help to conceal dark circles under eyes, pink will add a healthy glow to greyish complexion, and blue powder shade is irreplaceable if you want to conceal freckles, and pigment spots. However mosaic powder is hard to apply therefore its proper application will need experience and care.

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    i like to use facepowder because it look us very beautyful

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