How to choose cosmetics for pregnant women

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Your pregnancy cannot be an excuse to look bad. On the contrary, you should show how beautiful you are. But be very careful when choosing cosmetic products.

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There are 5 main rules you should follow while you’re pregnant:

1. Use as little foundation as it’s possible.

During pregnancy your skin is more sensitive. By refusing from toner and powder you’ll prevent your pores from blocking.

Use moisturizers with natural ingredients twice a day to make skin smooth and fresh-looking. It is very important to remember that skin is more prone to different allergies during pregnancy, that is why you should opt for cosmetics you have already tried and know it is good for you.
Be especially careful with homemade products as these can cause allergies even more often.

2. Accentuate your eyes.

If your eyes are too sensitive to mascara or you tend to rub them too often, try transparent gel mascara instead of usual one. Such mascara separates lashes well without leaving black spots on the skin.
Instead of using too complicated makeup techniques, simply emphasize your eyes with eyeliner.

3. Apply lip balm over the lipstick.

To keep the lipstick bright when you have frequent meals apply lip balm over the lipstick when it is dry. By doing this you won’t need to paint your lips again, that is good because using too much of makeup is harmful.

4. Use fresh tones of perfume

As sense of smell is too sharp in expectant women try to use natural and fresh fragrances. Use body lotions instead of sprays.

5. Do manicure
Pregnancy affects nails as well as hair, teeth and bones negatively. That is why do manicure on the regular basis using polish that contains high amount of calcium. To prevent the occurrence of split nails make baths with sea salt regularly.

Medicated makeup products

Use these freely as they are safe for a baby and do penetrate too deep into your skin. In case you don’t take care of your skin by refusing to use makeup you’ll make your organism to use additional resources to keep your skin, hair and nails more or less healthy.


Pigment spots on cheeks and forehead are a common problem a woman suffers during pregnancy. But it is possible to avoid by walking in the sun less. Besides, there are a number of special whitening products.
Products containing fruit and vegetable extracts can give good results. If you use some other products read the instruction carefully on the subject of using the given product during pregnancy.

Majority of whitening products contain harmful elements like mercury and bismuth and they are prohibited to use during pregnancy.


Fight with cellulite is useless during pregnancy. Your organism suffers hormonal changes and appearance of fat is inevitable. To add to this, many anti-cellulite products clear the body of chemical waste that makes your kidneys work more intensively. So, if you have problems with kidneys these products are for you to stay away. Use moisturizing products instead, they give good result.
Instead of body milk use oil. It will help you to avoid stretch marks. To prevent the occurrence of stretch marks do massage and have contrast sprays. But the most effective way to prevent appearance of stretch marks is to use special products from the third month of your pregnancy. Choose products of high quality only.

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  1. Pure Retreat Beauty Salons Says:

    The frequent using of lipstick can cause harm to health. Therefore, use a lip balm after eating or before going out on the street. Your lips will become more moist and beautiful.

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