How to Choose Best Nude Lipstick Shade

Nude lip makeup can make your look sexy and glam if only lipstick shade selected properly, otherwise it can absolutely ruin your look. Nude lipstick is perfect to complement dramatic smoky eyes as well as the fabulous component of natural makeup with a slight touch of bronzer on your face. Besides nude lips are among the hottest makeup trends for already a couple of seasons.

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How to Choose Best Nude Lipstick Shade

If done right, nude lips can look hot and glamorous that go great with bold eyes and dramatic hairstyles. But just like foundation, nude lipstick should be chosen in accordance with skin tone, which is why it varies with woman to woman. Get your best nude lip makeup with our tips on choosing the right shade of nude lipstick.

First of all, (actually, before applying any lipstick color) you should exfoliate your pouts to provide a smoother application of lipstick or lips gloss.

To avoid dreading dead girl look, makeup gurus recommend testing nude lipstick shade on the underside of your wrist. Specialists say that for a perfect match lipstick color should be one or two shades darker than skin there.

Girl with fair skin should opt for sandy pink lipstick shades, while those whose skin has olive undertones should go for beige-rosy lipstick colors and dark-skinned ladies should try bronze shades.

Another trick for getting a perfect nude lipstick is to avoid pure beige lipstick shades. It is better to try pinkish or peachy tints instead. These lipstick shades are warmer than beige ones and can help to neutralize darker lip pigments.

And the last, if your lip color is naturally dark, it is advisable to apply a thin coat of concealer to neutralize the darker lip pigments and get a pure nude shade on your lips.

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