How to Camouflage Dark Under-eye Circles

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It can be quite a hard task to get rid of dark under-eye circles for good, especially if they are caused by the genetics problem. But you always can conceal dark circles under eyes using makeup. Look through our tips on how to camouflage dark under-eye circles in few steps.

How to Camouflage Dark Under-eye Circles

Makeup Guide to Camouflage Dark Circles under Eyes

  • The first step in proper camouflaging of dark circles under eyes is finding the right concealer shade. Remember it should be a bit warmer than your complexion. To decide on which concealer shade you’d better set your choice, try several tones. The best match would completely disappear into your skin.
  • Opt for cream formula to get the fuller coverage or go for its stick counterpart for the lighter version.
  • Well, now that the concealer is chosen, let us proceed to its application. First, apply your foundation and only after use the concealer.
  • Apply concealer, moving from the inner corner of your eye toward the outer one.
  • To camouflage dark under-eye circles, concentrate on the inner corner and then blend carefully. Makeup artists recommend applying concealer, using ring finger, as it provides lighter touch.
  • Apply a bit of translucent powder to fix.

If you are looking for a permanent solution, try our natural remedies to reduce dark under-eye circles>>

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