How To Apply Red Lipstick

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Marilyn Monroe, Gwen Stefani, Liv Tyler, Dita von Teese, Rihanna and Christina Aguilera – these women can be hardly imagined without brightly made up lips.

Monica Belucci and Dior

If you want to become a party queen and eclipse everyone with your beauty – purchase a red lipstick!

This color will be extremely trendy this fall: it symbolizes love and passion.

The most popular red lipstick by now is still 842 tint of Christian Dior from Rouge Dior Collection Satin.

Christina Aguilera

No doubts that this lipstick has a lot of merits: it covers the lips softly, it holds up well, provides good care and extra volume. The effect is achieved by the ceramides that are composed into the formula. They fill up the lips wrinkles with oligopeptide – collagen booster.

Advice # 1: what tint to put on.

The main principle when choosing the bright colored lipstick is to take into account the face tone. Pinky-skin-colored ladies match perfectly scarlet color. If the skin color is closer to the swarthy, you’d better focus your lips on carrot-red or red-brown. And the women with porcelain skin color like Dita von Teese, can boldly buy a classical red color lipstick.

How To Apply Red Lipstick

Note: test the red lipstick onto the finger-pad when buying.

Apply, put it onto the lips and see if the hue looks good on them.

Advice # 2: learn to make up the lips

You’ll need: red lip liner, lip brush, compact or loose powder, colorless or red lip gloss.

Lipstick is a make up finale. Powder the lips a bit at first. After that, draw a desirable contour with lip liner. Apply the lipstick with a lip brush that’ll allow you to control the lines and tint intensity better.

If you want your lipstick lasts longer on the lips, then put 2-3 layer. Blot your lips and powder them a little before applying another portion of color.
Lip gloss sums up the process. But don’t overdo with it! Put just a drop of it onto the center of lower lip.


One tiny nuance you should be aware of!

Red hue is a pretty tricky color. And it’ll perfectly fit the smooth clean face skin (without the glaring defects). If your skin suffers from acne or some skin pigmentation, you’d better stay away from the red lipstick.

Otherwise, it’ll make brighter and more vivid all the things you want to hide.

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