Apply Makeup When Wearing Contact Lenses

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Despite the fact glasses have proved to be safer than contact lenses many people worldwide still prefer using the latter.

Applying contact lens

Contact lenses came as “salvation” for millions of those who don’t like or want to wear glasses. Contact lenses are more comfortable and they don’t get misted when it’s cold outside and you enter a warm place; besides, they expand field of view significantly.

If you have chosen to wear contact lenses recently you may have some problems with applying your makeup.

This is a normal thing, just give yourself enough time to get used to lenses, understand how to handle with them, take proper care of them and apply your makeup, of course.

The most important thing you should know is that you should always insert your lenses before applying makeup. Cleanse your face and wash your hands, then pat them dry. Do not apply any hand cream on your hands before you have inserted lenses as the remains of cream, lotion, soap can stick to the contact lenses and cause eye irritation.

girl wearing contact lenses

When the lenses are in, you may start applying face cream or moisturizer. Prefer using a light moisturizer as a heavy one might melt and smear your lenses.

Apply powder carefully as well as powder shadows as tiny particles can fall into your eye and cause an irritation.

Cream and liquid gel eye shadows are more appropriate to use for those who wear contact lenses.
When applying mascara, do that with care and distant from the base of the lashes.

The best option for you is waterproof alcohol-free mascara.

Apply one coat and allow it to dry before you apply the second coat. Avoid using eye liner as this may cause irritation and smearing of your lenses. If you still want to apply eye liner opt for soft waterproof one rather than a liquid one.

Remember to always remove contact lenses before removing makeup in the evening. Make sure your hands are clean and dry.

And here are some more beauty tips for you concerning contact lenses:

• Keep all you makeup containers, brushes and applicators clean
• Change your cosmetic products every six months to minimize the risk of infection
• Stay away from applying makeup if your eyes are red, swollen or infected
• Do not share your makeup with other people
• Never share your contact lenses with other people even if they are your close relatives
• Steer clear of false eyelashes

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