How To Apply Foundation: Brush, Sponge, or Fingers

Applying foundation can be tricky but there are several tools that can help achieve just the look one needs. Foundation can be applied with brush, sponge or one's own fingers but there are certain differences and specifics when it comes to choosing a tool for applying foundation.

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Applying foundation may require certain tools like brush, sponge or even one’s own fingers. It all depends on the amount of product used and the coverage one needs. All the three have their differences, pluses and minuses. Whatever you use it’s important to keep the tools clean.


How To Apply Foundation: Brush, Sponge, or Fingers

Brush is considered the best tool for applying foundation and it works great with its various types. It helps achieve a natural smooth look because it blends the product well and gets to all the creases. Brush can provide medium and full coverage and still make it look natural. It also doesn’t use as much product as other tools but it should be cleaned regularly.


How To Apply Foundation: Brush, Sponge, or Fingers

Sponge is not advised for usage by many beauty experts as it absorbs too much product hence wastes it and promotes bacteria buildup. A sponge can provide full coverage but doesn’t blend well and cannot give a smooth well-blended finish.


How To Apply Foundation: Brush, Sponge, or Fingers

Using fingers to apply foundation can be handy when one’s in a hurry or there aren’t any other tools at hand. It’s important to have the skin cleansed and moisturized prior to application and use clean fingers to apply the product.

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