Home-Made Lip Gloss

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Young girls prefer lip glosses to lipsticks as they are not so bright but add a bit of glamour to their look.

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Some of glosses can be expensive or cause allergy reaction due to usage of poor quality ingredients. If you prepare lip gloss at home it will have at least four advantages: first, you will always know what it is made of; second, no allergy will be caused; thirdly, you spend little money for ingredients; and the last but not the least, it’s tasty and often sweet!

Homemade Lip Gloss Recipes:

Cranberry Lip Gloss.


• 10 to 12 fresh cranberries
• One full tablespoon almond oil
• One full teaspoon honey

Put all ingredients into a bowl and place it in a microwave for a few minutes. After this stir and crush all cranberries. And then strain by seine for removing all pieces of fruit. Apply the gloss and enjoy the result! By the way, store it in a little airtight container.

Chocolate Lip Gloss.

Ingredients you need:

• 4-5 chips chocolate
• 3 full tablespoon cocoa butter
• 1 capsule Vitamin E

Place all the ingredients into a large boiler and melt them well. Then blend them using a spoon. Pour it into a small bottle and store in a cool place to make it solid.

Honey Citrus Lip Gloss.

You will need:

• 2 teaspoon beeswax
• 1 full teaspoon honey
• 8 teaspoon sweet almond oil
• 1 capsule vitamin E
• 5 drops essential oil or lime or citrus

Put beeswax and sweet almond oil into a microwave safe container for melting them for a few minutes. When the time is over, take out the mixture from the microwave and pierce the capsule of vitamin E and add it into the mixture. Then add the honey in it and leave for a few minutes. It is ready to use and you can keep it store by using a little balm container

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