Halloween Hair and Makeup Ideas

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Halloween Hair and Makeup Ideas

Halloween is half a month away but you already have to think about the character you want to try this time and think through the costume, hair and makeup. From Lady Gaga craze to other celebrity looks we suggest couple of Halloween Hair and Makeup Ideas that you’ll certainly love!

Rock Chic

What can portray you as Taylor Momsen more than extreme black eye makeup? But personally I liked her fuchsia lips and toned down eye makeup more. You can also sport another her look of bold dark red lips with faded gray eyeshadow. Don’t forget peroxide blond wig.

Halloween Hair and Makeup Ideas

To achieve extreme black eye makeup all you need is a bit of eyeliner and mascara and a lot of black shadow. The blacker the better. Apply around the eyes, don’t forget to blend though but remember the color should be intense. Apply rosy pink sheer gloss to the lips and complete the look with the black strapless minidress or long stretched T-shirt with some rock band on it. You will also not make mistake if you wear tight pants with bustier under the black leather jacket.

Electric hair color

Halloween Hair and Makeup Ideas

If you are tired of gray colors in your everyday life Halloween is a perfect holiday to get all-bright. Get electric hair color to imitate Rihanna or Katy Perry and her famous wigs. For Rihanna look you’ll need a short red wig or real hair dyed electric red. For Katy Perry look take a vibrant-colored mid-length wig with straight fringe and curly ends. Or you can try the other Katy Perry hairstyle with few purple and blue hair extensions. Curl the hair and fix with hairspray.

Halloween Hair and Makeup Ideas

Rihanna prefers bright colors in makeup. So here you can improvise using electric eyeliner, bright lipstick hues and shimmery eyeshadow. To get ultimate Rihanna look use big hair accessories – jewelry or fabric. Katy Perry likes hot pink lips and accentuated eyes. But you can also try her extreme cat eyeliner and falsies for ultimate Halloween look.

Hippie Hair and Eye Candy

Halloween Hair and Makeup Ideas

Channel your inner Pixie Lott with the hippie hair and eye candy makeup. Pixie Lott is fond of hair accessories. You can choose anything from flowers to lace bands. If you have long hair make some loose waves from the middle of your hair and give them some volume with help of volumizer, which you apply to your roots and a good blow out.

To do eye candy makeup you can use rhinestones, glitter, or eyeliner in outer corner of the eye, anything that’s appealing to you. Here Pixie Lott has regular eyeliner, light pink shimmery shadow to highlight the inner corner of the eye, false eyelashes and rhinestones of two shades below the eye and going to the outer corner. It looks beautiful and very creative.

To apply rhinestones properly follow these tips:

  • Prepare – clean and dry – the area where you are going to apply your rhinestones.
  • Use only skin-proper glue like the one you use for false eyelashes. Do NOT use regular glue as it may make damage to your skin.
  • Use the wand that comes with the glue (or a plain tip cotton bud) to apply glue to the area you want your rhinestones to be. Just dab the glue and apply rhinestone. Do not smear it across the whole area. Dab a drop of glue for each rhinestone.
  • Since rhinestones are small you can use pincers or tweezers to pick them up.
  • Press the rhinestone against the glue and hold for a few seconds to make sure it was properly glued.
  • If you want to cover your lips in rhinestones or sequins too choose smaller size around SS12. Apply directly to the lips and dab your lipstick or gloss around the rhinestones. Do not apply rhinestones to the corner of you lips as they will not stay there long.

If you are unsure which costume will portray you best as Pixie Lott, try puffy babydoll dress of some vibrant color or a short dress of hippie colors and ornaments.

Hot vampire

Halloween Hair and Makeup Ideas

Obsessed with vampires? Dress up like one for Halloween. There is one hot vampire that knows about style and fashion everything even though she can’t really attend Fashion Week. Welcome Pam (True Blood)! Pam is gorgeous cold and stylish. To get her hair you’ll need to give your hair volume with a good blowout and volumizer. You can sweep them to one side unparted or side part and curl at one side and sweep other side behind the ear.

As for makeup Pam likes pink and red hues on her lips and tamed blue shade eyeliner to emphasize her piercing blue eyes. A bit of gray or blue shadow and mascara for naturally dramatic lashes. Pick the lipstick shade that would enhance your lip and skin tone and apply using the lipstick brush with feather strokes inwards from the lip line. To achieve long-lasting look prime with some foundation or use lip liner of complementary shade not darker than the lipstick shade.

Complete the look with sexy leather corset dress or latex costume. You can also wear some floral jewelry to accentuate your sophisticated taste and luxurious outfit.

Lady Gaga’s Little Monster

Halloween Hair and Makeup Ideas

Whether you want to dress like Lady Gaga herself or make up your own costume to play her Little Monster you will need a lot of props and imagination. One of the looks by Lady Gaga i liked the most was her dramatic lashes makeup and long-length white wig with straight fringe. This is also the easiest look to achieve, well, except the dress.

Take silver shimmer and apply to the upper lid blending toward the inner corner of the eye. Outline your eyes with toned-down eyeliner and then apply feathery falsies. If your lashes are too light or bright coat them with the black mascara. Skin-colored gloss or lipstick will do in this look as the focus is on the eyes.

As for other looks you you might want to invent inspired by Lady Gaga, prepare some products you will definitely need like glitter, some interesting falsies, bright-colored cosmetics, wigs, rhinestones, and pieces of lace cloth, feathers and some plastic.

Read more of various Halloween Makeup Ideas and share your fave pics>>

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