Gwen Stefani Is Obsessed with Make Up

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The Rich Girl singer Gwen Stefani has been obsessed with beauty since she was 10. She used to play with her mother’s make up products as well as with her friends’ mothers ones.

Gwen Stefani is obsessed with makeup

She said:

“I’ve always loved beauty. I was the girl who was like, ‘Ask your mom if we can play with clothes or makeup,’ And you know what? I’m doing the same thing now that I was doing when I was 10.”

The mother-of-two admitted she used to have tons of makeup and she feels quite happy about it.

She said:

“I know I’m vain. I have so much make-up – I’m not kidding. I’m the girl who would wear baggy jeans but didn’t forget to put on tons of makeup.”

Gwen recently claimed that venturing the style world is in her blood. She is confident enough to say her own fashion.

She said:

“I made so many clothes growing up, and I used to do my own costumes. All I would do was just daydream about what I was going to make.”

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