Guerlain Spring/Summer 2011 Makeup Collection

Guerlain Spring/Summer 2011 makeup collection was created to make your summer looks even more beautiful and luring. From combined powder/bronzer to heat-resistant eyeshadow this collection is all about comfort and beauty.

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Guerlain Spring/Summer 2011 Makeup Collection

Let’s start with delicious Terracotta Gloss in neon shades that are meant to contrast with earthly glow of your skin and eyelids. Available in Rose, Orange, and Rouge this lip gloss is shining in another way. Instead of glittery shine you get almost lacquered effect in bright colors. Mmm…

Guerlain Spring/Summer 2011 Makeup Collection

Terra Inca Star Powder combines highlighter and bronzer to keep and accentuate your skin’s glow. Very handy and light as it’s a combined formula that excludes layers and layers of makeup during summer heat.

Guerlain Spring/Summer 2011 Makeup Collection

Ombre Fusion Cream Eyeshadow is heat-resistant. No creasing, long-wearing and awesome shades Bronze, Rose, and Taupe. Romantic smokey eyes or just a tint of rose on your eyelids and you look fresh and fab.

Guerlain Spring/Summer 2011 Makeup Collection

Terre Indigo 4-Shade Eyeshadow is not only amazing in shades but look at those ornaments. The palette includes four amazing shades to sport this summer – gold, two shades of brown, orange, and deep blue.

Guerlain Spring/Summer 2011 Makeup Collection

Khol Kajal is a black eyeliner in super cool packaging and ultra-pigmented formula. I bet it’s very convenient in use due to its lipstick shape.

Guerlain Spring/Summer 2011 Makeup Collection

So what do you think of Guerlain Spring/Summer 2011 makeup collection? Have you tried it yet?

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  1. kristina tremljan Says:

    Dear to whom it may concern,

    I am a devoted Guerlain customer and fascinated with your preparative and decorative cosmetics.
    That’s for all lovely products you have been offering us.

    I am glad to recommend them to my friends.

    Best wishes from zagreb, croatia

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