Green Eyeshadow And Red Lipstick Christmas Makeup

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Christmas is almost three weeks out and we’re holiday-excited as ever. And as the beauty rules and boundaries are being pushed out farther away, we think it’s time to get bold with your holiday look. If you hesitate to wear bold makeup every day, holidays are the perfect time to experiment and try something out of ordinary.

Green Eyeshadow Red Lipstick

Living Magazine

Living Magazine

Eventhough green and red are the classic Christmas color theme it’s been a long rule in makeup to stick to either bold eyeshadow or red lipstick. Now it’s time to combine them together for an ultimately dramatic look. Emerald green and true red look amazing together. Minty greens and orange reds may look too summer-y and you have to choose them more carefully.

You can also add a touch of gold into the inner corners of the eyes for an even more glamorous effect.

Green and gold eyeshadow and red lipstick

Now, glitter and shimmer may not be the best products for every day use, but you’ll find them perfectly acceptable for the holidays. No one is going to hold it against you, especially if you’ll do it in a beautiful and reserved fashion.

The main challenge is to choose the right red lipstick for you and to determine what eye makeup will make you look magazine-gorgeous instead of Joker-like.

You can pair a lighter green with berry lispstick as these two make a sultry combination.

Christmas look

Blonds Fall 2011

Green eyeshadow and berrylipstick

Green eyeshadow and red lipstick

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