Gold Leaf Makeup Ideas

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Gold leaf is a perfect hair decoration but it can also be used in holiday or special occasion makeup. There are so many different ways to do it. Here are a few holiday makeup ideas.

Gold Leaf Makeup

Gold leaf makeup


Eyes are the best location for a gold leaf makeup as you don’t want to ruin your gold lip with food or abstain from eating dinner or anything all night. You can cover your eyelids with gold leaf and leave it at that or you could do your holiday makeup and simply accentuate it with gold leaf at the inner or outer corners. You could also go with a dramatic gold makeup covering up your eyebrows as they did for Fendi Spring 2012 fashion show.

Gold leaf eyebrows


Give new meaning to bold eyebrows with some gold leaf decoration. You can simply cover your natural brows with it or create an entirety different, more dramatic shape.

Gold leaf face makeup


You aren’t really restricted to one area or the other with the gold leaf. You can cover your entire face with it if you want to. But we like subtler accents, around the eyes, on the forhead at the hair line and below the eyes at the lash line. The only limitation is your fantasy really. Gold leaf is incredibly festive and you can use it not only for hair and makeuo but also manicure.

Gold leaf eyeliner

Gold leaf eye makeup with dark lipstick

Gold leaf eye makeup

Gold leaf eye accent

Dark eye makeup with gold leaf accent

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