Giorgio Armani Spring 2013 Pop Collection

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Giorgio Armani Spring 2013 Pop Collection

Giorgio Armani Spring 2013 Collection

Giorgio Armani actively extends its makeup collection by adding more new lines to it. This time there is a little bit of everything. There’s bright eyeshadow colors, bold blush, neutral lipstick, and foundation. The contast in colors is a great way to downplay the bold hues or on the contrary make them stand out.

“This Spring I love the mix of vivid shades with nudes, women are traditionally drawn to color but afraid of it – this way they can play and customize to their own desires. At the Giorgio Armani S/S 13 show – I used the soft grey tone to create a muted graphic shape – then a thick liner was drawn with the Swimming Pool Turquoise blue, and then blended with the taupe – this gives a soft pop of glamorous, sensual color. Any woman can wear it.” — Linda Cantello, International Makeup Artist for Giorgio Armani Cosmetics

Giorgio Armani Spring 2013 Pop Collection

Limited edition Face & Eye Bliss Palette combines blush and three shades of eyeshadow. There are two versions one of which includes a Coral Bliss Sheer Blush in coral and Opal, Shimmer Greige and Swimming Pool Turquoise eyeshadow colors. The other one contains a Rose Bliss Sheer Blush in rose and Iced Pearl, Flesh and Hibiscus eyeshadow.

Rouge d’Armani Sheer is also limited edition and comes in two neutral shades Beige Rose (101) and Beige (100).

Giorgio Armani Spring 2013 Pop Collection

Face Fabric is offered in three new shades Pale Porcelain (0.5), Medium Nude (3.5), and Medium Nude (4.5).

Limited Edition Blushing Fabric in lip gloss tube comes in two bold shades an HD Orange and Fuchsia. This is a great way to sport some bright color without overdoing it. The neutral lipstick will balance out the bright blush while the eyes can be either bold or neutral and soft.

The line is already available. What do you think about Giorgio Armani’s Spring 2013 Pop collection?

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