Get Creative With False Eyelashes

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False eyelashes aren’t only for making our gaze more open and expressive. There are also artistic options that can take your look to a whole new level. But even with regular natural-looking falsies you can achieve a unique look that will land you a ton of attention. There are lots of ways to put your false eyelashes to work. Here are some of them.

Get Creative Look With False Eyelashes

Gucci Spring 2013

Gucci Spring 2015

Dare To Wear

Put focus on the eyes using only false lashes and some marscara to help them blend with your natural lashes. Prepare your face as per usual, add some highlighter to make your skin glow and stick on some falsies. They don’t have to fall into the ‘most natural looking’ category. You want some oomph to be there. Don’t forget to curl your own lashes before putting them false ones on.

Altuzarra Spring 2015

Altuzarra Spring 2015

Be a Doll

A look we saw at Altuzarra Spring 2015 show reminded us very much of a doll. Maybe it’s the strip of longer lashes perched in the middle of the eyelid or the pink almost Barbie pink lipstick. But the look is definitely something fresh and new.

Atelier Versace Fall 2013 couture

Atelier Versace Fall 2013 couture

Get Low

The lower lashes more often than not get the usual treatment – a coat or two of mascara and maybe an occasional brushing trough but sometimes the lower false eyelashes can make you the Queen of Gaze. Just look at this Versace haute couture makeup look.

False eyelashes go great with the bright lip look. If you’re going for a vampy or red lip just choose natural-looking falsies to accentuate the eyes better. Or if you want something a bit more dramatic go for some fluffy or different sized eyelashes that will stand out against your eyelids. To finish off the look opt for silver or gold shimmer.

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