First-Date Makeup Tips

First-date beauty look should be well-considered as impression left on the first date lasts forever. And surely such makeup blunders as too heavy foundation coat or leaking mascara or oily sheen are not the things you should worry about on your first date. Therefore if you are going on a date with someone very special, first of all learn out first-date makeup tips.

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First-Date Makeup Tips

Wow! It has finally happened! He, your Prince Charming, has asked you out… and here all hell broke loose. The only thing you want is to impress him. You’ve already elaborated your first-date look, having chosen your best outfit, having decided how to style you hair and the only thing left is your first-date makeup. Take your time and learn our first-date makeup tips to look your best!

The most important thing about first-date makeup is naturalness. You shouldn’t apply several coats of foundation, make dramatic eye makeup or accentuate your pouts with flashy red lipstick. Remember that it is much better to gamble on your natural beauty, accentuating it slightly with the help of makeup than applying war paint that would make you transform beyond recognition.

The next thing is that first-date makeup should be subtle including delicate makeup colors. A slight touch of rosy or peachy blush to the apples of your cheekbones would revive your look and add delicate romantic glow.

Opt for a stay-color and what is more important lasting makeup foundation. Apply it with the help of a sponge to get even complexion, wait for a couple of minutes for foundation to soak and then remove any excesses using a cosmetic pad.

The best beauty combo for first-date eye makeup is mascara and waterproof eyeliner. It is better to skip eyeshadow in order not to worry it can slide off. Lengthening and volumizing mascara plus lasting waterproof eyeliner would be enough to accentuate your eyes.

Lips should be left natural, avoid applying lipstick or lip contour if you want lips to look kissable. But it is essential to keep your lips moisturized and soft. Opt for lip balm or delicate lip gloss.

Following out tips carefully, you can forget about your makeup and enjoy your first date!

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