Festive Makeup Ideas

Festive season is not far away so we are looking into some ideas of makeup looks for the holiday party. The options are limitless. The Fall/Winter 2011 trends allow you go both bold and subtle. Smokey eyes don't need to be just dark and plain think gold, metallics, blues and purples.

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Holiday season is coming and here we are again looking for some inspiration and ideas for party hair and makeup. The Fall/Winter 2011 trends allow to play with color in smokey eye makeup and lips. From purple to orange, silver to gold opt for something that complements the skin tone, eye color and hair.

Frosted Eyes

Festive Makeup Ideas

Frosted eyes look festive. But they can also look elegant. Frosted eyes can be achieved with light blue or silver shimmery eyeshadow. Apply eyeshadow one upper lids and blend well to get the shine. You can regulate it by blending more for lighter shine or less for brighter shine. Use eyeliner and mascara if needed but you can stop there and leave the eyes simply frosted. To add drama apply shimmer to the temples and cheekbones.

Dramatic Smokey Eyes

Festive Makeup Ideas

Think beyond gray and black for smokey eye makeup. Go with deep blue, purple, and metallic. You can also rethink the shape of your festive smokey eye makeup. It can take winged shape and extend toward the brow. Be sure to choose colors that complement your eye color and skin tone.

Eye Catchy Pout

Festive Makeup Ideas

Bold lips are trendy this season. Orange, all sorts of red and even purple lip color were seen on the runway. Choose the one that complements your skin tone and outfit. With the bold lips go for pastel hues in eye makeup and make sure to even out the skin tone.

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