Fall 2013 Trend Alert: Black Lipstick

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Black is a very bold color, however if you want to make a statement or experiment with different fashion styles, black lipstick can be quite appropriate. There are several things you need to know about applying and wearing black lipstick, and we are here to help you!

Black lipstick tips

Tips on Wearing Black Lipstick

As shown at the recent catwalks for Fall 2013, black lipstick is coming back into trend. Moschino Cheap& Chic proudly displayed black lipstick during London Fashion Week.

Black lipstick tips

Well, whether or not it does, black lipstick is always bold and avant-garde, so you better learn how to wear it if you want to be hip and chic. One of the secrets of wearing black lipstick is the way to apply it. If you can’t apply it properly, it might look cheap and unattractive. Think over your outfit as well, before making such a bold statement.

Black lipstick tips

Since black is the mother of all colors, as some might say, keeping your lips a major statement is the key. So, leave your eyes with practically no makeup, putting strong emphasis on the lips. The only thing that will also go along with black lips is the black eyeliner. Another thing to consider is the eyebrows, as they need to be rather subtle, and not really visible. Tone down the eyebrows, to get the effect.

Black lipstick tips

One of the essential things to know about black lipstick, apart from choosing a pricy version, is that the look must be perfect. So using a lip liner is a must. Fill in the space along the line that you drew, and make sure not to go over the lip line. Another thing to consider is the quality of lipstick, it should not be cheap. Cheap lipstick would look cheap, and this is the least you want to do if you want to appear elegant and stylish. Also, you have two options when wearing black: glossy or matte, and both look splendid. It is also important to maintain the lipstick, so that it will stay on your lips.

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5 Responses to “Fall 2013 Trend Alert: Black Lipstick”
  1. Meri Says:

    I LOVE the second picture, the nude eyes and flawless skin highlight the black lips so strongly and beautifully… amazing!

    Also, I have to admit that I much prefer articles about upcoming trends and how-tos to product-alert articles. More interesting, for me :)

  2. Arty Says:

    Hey, Meri, thank you for the comment. We have more posts about how to rock certain trends, that you can see in the sidebars.

  3. Harvey Says:

    I love that last pic. I have to admit I think most of the looks are a bit Marilyn Manson, but the last one is striking and ethereal.

  4. kenya W Says:

    i have always wanted to wear black lipstick and i just adore these beautiful pictures.but how do they get it so shinie and to last allday as well as that dark?

  5. Jade Says:

    Remember, black will make your teeth look yellower than they really are.

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