Face-slimming Makeup Tips

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Face-slimming Makeup Tips

When it comes to making your face appear slimmer there is no need to have recourse to surgeon, as there are less dangerous ways to slim your face. A certain slimming hairstyle can help especially if it is coupled with face-slimming makeup. Find out our face-slimming makeup tips that can help to create an illusion of slimmer face.

Makeup Tips to Make Your Face Look Slimmer

Play up Your Eyes

When it comes to face-slimming makeup, the key is to draw attention to your best assets. In other words, you should shift attention from your cheeks to your eyes. Makeup artists recommend concentrating on the outer corners of your eyes. Besides, wearing mascara is an absolute must to play up your eyes.

Draw Attention to Your Lips

Another slimming technique is to shift attention from your cheeks to your lips. Dress up your pouts with flattering and sensual lipstick shade. Beauty specialists recommend to go for a lipstick shade that perfectly complements your skin tone and add a bit of lip gloss over it.

Draw the Right Proportions

Playing up your best assets is not the only way to make your face look slimmer. You can also draw the right proportions if you know how to apply blush in proper slimming manner. If not, follow the instructions:

  • Take three different blush tones (from one color palette).
  • Apply a bit of the darkest tone below your cheekbones, blend carefully.
  • Apply a medium blush tone over the dark one and blend, until you get one single shade.
  • Add a slight touch of the lightest blush tone to your cheekbones and blend again.
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