Eyeliner 2015: 5 New & Fresh Ways To Accentuate Your Eyes

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Eyeliner is a staple for all times. It’s versatile, and can be worn alone or together with other eye products. Lately, eyeliner has become a more independent product, though. It comes in a wide variety of colors and makeup artists and beauty bloggers alike use it alone as a way to not only accentuate eyes but also create a distinctive look. Here are a few fresh ways to wear eyeliner, if you’re tired of same old cat eye or wings.

New & Fresh Ways To Wear Eyeliner

Blue eyeliner

Right on the eyelids

Eyeliner is no longer limited to just the lash line. It can be worn on the upper eyelids and below the lower lash line too. Done right, this look can be really interesting and unusual but also quite tame. It all depends on the colors you use and the distance between the lash lines.

Graphic eyeliner

Graphic shapes

Lines aren’t the only thing you can draw with an eyeliner. Eye flattering graphic shapes look amazing, though they may require more skill and effort to create.

White eyeliner

Fluid irregularities

You don’t need to finish the line in a certain place. You can extend or shorten it as would be best suited to your design. It can look amazing, even breathtaking.

Orange eyeliner

Bright accent

Eyeliner can become your makeup’s bright accent. You can have both neutral makeup and a splash of color without needing to choose between a bright lipstick and bold eyes.

Drawn on lashes

Fake lashes

If you are lacking in the eyelash department, adding extra dimension to your eyes may prove useful. Eyeliner is perfect for imitating lashes. You can regulate their thickness with an eyeliner brush, but usually felt tip pencil liners are thin enough to draw lines that aren’t too thick and dramatic.

Jourdan Dunn

Jourdan Dunn rocks the double eyeliner on her lash lines and upper eyelids

One of the main things to note about unusual eyeliner is that it will look, well, unusual. Don’t try to tone it down too much to make it wearable. It’s supposed to make you stand out. You may go with a safe black but the overall look will depend on how you use it rather than its texture and color.

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