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Every woman dreams about long curly chic eyelashes that drive men mad and make female friends envy. Nature is cruel to most of us but what nature doesn’t want to give us modern technologies will.

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Curling lashes for a short period of time is easy even with the help of ordinary mascara but this effect doesn’t last and the next morning you’ll have to repeat the procedure. Besides, mascara can flow from water, or crumble and smear your under-eye area. Thus by evening time you might end up having almost colorless and, as a result, visually shorter lashes.

A nice decision for those who want to look great all day long, in water and hot weather, is an eyelash perm. This keeps the effect of curly lashes for two-three months.

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Generally the procedure is similar to a usual hair perm. The result depends on what you originally have, though even the shortest and absolutely straight lashes will look the way you want. Tiny rods and special chemical solution are the only things you will need, and a good salon to perform the procedure of course, at least the first time.

Don’t be afraid that the solution can get into your eyes or on eyelid skin. If everything is done right after removing the rods your lashes will look fantastic! The entire procedure takes 40-50 minutes.

Perm lash wave will not affect your daily life in any way. You will still be able to put on makeup, wash your face, have a bath, swim, or remove mascara with your favorite make up removal. Nothing will harm your lashes!

Eyelash Perm

Your look will become much more expressive as the lashes seem to be thicker and more voluminous after a perm wave. The only drawback of using the procedure is the fact lashes get lighter, but you can always apply your mascara! Or go to a salon again and dye them black.

Don’t be scared of experimenting. There are lots of women who repeat this procedure again and again since it is very effective and the result is perfect. It is worth trying!

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  1. Idol Lash Says:

    Thicker, longer lashes we all want that.But nicer brows also.

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