Expired cosmetic products are dangerous!

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Women like buying loads of cosmetics which then is left to be covered with dust for a long time. Sometimes some of the products are used, while others still wait for their turn. It’s a common situation. But have you ever thought that cosmetics you’ve bought ‘a couple of months’ ago can become dangerous for you to use? Yes, it is absolutely true.

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Cosmetics as well as food can spoil and be hazardous for your health. I guess I would be right if say that lots of women can use the same lipstick for years without thinking it can bring any harm. We use the products even if they begin to smell or become discolored.

Beauty analyst Alexandra Richmond said:

It is not simply a matter of products no longer performing to optimal standards. Old make-up can be hazardous to our health. Like food, cosmetics can expire and become dangerous to use. There may be far more lurking at the bottom of your make-up bag than an old dried mascara.’

The reason for our unconcern can be very simple: we just forget when a product was purchased and wear it as long as we think it is good and looks nice.

The problem is rather urgent and some measures were taken to remind women about the period of time the product can be used. Four years ago, the European Union brought rules requiring all cosmetics that could deteriorate after opening to carry advice on when they will expire.

As a result many manufacturers responded by adding ‘Period After Opening’, or PAO symbols to packaging. So, when buying a product look for the jar symbol, along with a figure indicating how many months it will last.

But even these measures are not effective for some women and they keep using mascaras and eye pencils after their six-month lifespan.

Miss Richmond added:

These latest findings highlight a lack of information available on cosmetic use-by dates. Repeated exposure to bacteria from the mouth affects lip colour cosmetics, while out-of-date mascara and eye pencils can raise the risk of infections.

Natural and organic products containing fewer or no preservatives have a shorter shelf-life than conventional products and therefore potentially harbour higher levels of bacteria.’

Dr Chris Flower, of the Cosmetic, Toiletry and Perfumery Association, said:

An area where people have had problems is eye products. I do think PAOs are a help here as eye-area cosmetics can become infected and cause problems for the eyes.’

Well, now you know how important is to throw the expired products away and to be able to do that look at the information about the shelf-lives of cosmetic products most frequently used by ladies.

Mascara 3-6 Months
Blusher 12-18 Months
Lipstick 18 Months
Tinted Moisturiser 12 Months
Foundation 6 Months
Eye Shadow 12 Months
Liquid Eyeliner 3-6 Months
Eye Pencil 24 Months
Shampoo 24 Months
Shower Gel 24 Months
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4 Responses to “Expired cosmetic products are dangerous!”
  1. Tetracode Says:

    What is the mean of “MFG SEPT 04″of a shower gel? It still safe to use?

  2. Tetracode Says:

    What is the mean of “MFG SEPT 04″of a shower gel? It still safe to use? thank for your advise.

  3. Lorraine Emerick Says:

    SPRING CLEAN your make-up bag (especially mascara-only good for up to 3 months…eye infections- yuck!). Treat yourself to a few new products and don’t forget to mark with date you open them. I found that common permanent markers smudge off because of the oils in creams and makeup -the ONCE OPENED BEAUTY EXPIRATION KIT’s self laminating labels solve this problem!

  4. Craig Taylor Says:

    As the article says, please take great care with your cosmetics, as bacteria just love the mix of oils and water which comprise the majority of products. Store them in a cool dark place when not using them, always close the lids, and pay attention to the after opening symbol. Try to buy them as you need them and use them up before buying again.

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