Everything You Need To Know About Clown Contouring

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If you haven’t grasped the basics of a classic pro contouring yet there is another new sexy thing on the street called clown contouring. And when I say sexy, I mean whaaat?! No but really it’s not anything you must learn how to do immediately. It’s in fact a way one beauty vlogger decided to send a message about being called clown for how she uses makeup. In a collaboration with another beauty guru Makeup by Alo the two women showed their contouring skills using an unconventional approach. BellaDeLune said in a video (below) that she had fun with the idea and never thought it would end up getting so much attention and support.


As you can see she masterfully blended it all into a cool dark lip look. If we haven’t saw the before picture we wouldn’t even know what she did.

Starting by no means as a new more effective way to contour a face, clown contouring seems to find popularity (at least for now) among adventurous souls as a more fun alternative to a conventional thing.

Makeup by Alo

Makeup by Alo chose to contour with a sugar skull

As you can see it doesn’t really matter how you start your contouring. You can have as much fun with it as you want. The basics are the same though. You apply concealer under eyes and elsewhere you need more coverage. Highlighter goes to your T zone, chin, and around the mouth. The dark contour should be outlining your features. It is usually applied to the sides of the nose to make it visually narrower, along hair line, under the cheekbones, and at the edge of the jaw. The key to a good contour is to blend it all well so there were no harsh lines or great amounts of visible product.

Would you update your contouring routine to make it more fun?

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