Essential Makeup Tips for Specs Wearers

Specs can be a great fashion accessory. Moreover a good pair of properly selected specs can make your look incredibly hot especially if combined with a proper makeup look. Learn our essential makeup tips for specs wearers to make your beauty look absolutely SPECtacular.

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Essential Makeup Tips for Specs Wearers

Wearing a pair of chic specs can be a great supplement to your beauty look. But specs naturally attract all the attention to your eyes, that’s why it is so important to know how to match makeup and your frames. Thus if you doesn’t want to spoil your spec-styled beauty look with wrong makeup then you are on the right track, as here you can find several essential makeup tips every specs wearer should know to get your best ‘bespectacled’ beauty look ever.

The first and perhaps the most important makeup tool every bespectacled girl should keep in her makeup bag is eyeliner. No matter what kind of eyeliner you prefer, it will help to make your eyes stand out when you are wearing specs, keeping your eye makeup simple. By the way when it concerns spec-styled eye makeup, ‘simple’ is the only word that should guide you. Thus choosing the eyeshadow shade, it is better to fix upon the neutral shade as a base, and a bit of darker eyeshadow shade to blend into the crease for added definition.

The next thing that is not less important when we speak about makeup for specs wearers is light-reflecting concealer. The matter is that your frames tend to cast shadow on the under-eyes area that would make dark circles under eyes appear even darker. So the panacea here is light reflecting concealer applied to the area under eyes and then fixed with a slight touch of transparent powder.

The next step in achieving spectacular makeup for specs wearers is no doubt well-groomed defined eyebrows. The frames no doubt draw attention to brows, that’s why you are to make sure you keep them well-groomed. Learning how to shape and color your brows can transform the entire frame of your face.

And the last, doing makeup matching your specs you are to be guided by the specs prescription you’ve been given. Positive eye lenses would make your eyes look bigger that is why I recommend you to apply a black eyeliner to the inside rim, while for negative lenses wearers there is nothing better to make eyes appear larger than to go for a white eyeliner to accentuate the inside rim.


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