Double Sparkle Rainbow Eye Shadows by Inglot

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Inglot is launching new eyeshadow collection the Double Sparkle Rainbow! Let’s take closer look at this sparkling piece of joy!

Double Sparkle Rainbow Eye Shadows

New Eyeshadow Collection by Inglot

Famous brand Inglot cosmetics has announced the release of new exciting eyeshadow palette, that has new amazing tones, the Double Sparkle Rainbow Eye Shadows! The uniqueness of this collection is each tone is offered in three variations that fit in that little box! The tones are mostly matte, but leave a light shimmering effect. Each shade is available for $8 at Inglot USA. The full set is available in:

Double Sparkle Rainbow Eye Shadows

  • 121R Shades of green
  • 122R Shades of brown
  • 123R Shades of orange
  • 124R Shades of pink
  • 125R Shades of brown
  • 126R Shades of light blue
  • 127R Shades of blue
  • 128R Shades of light purple
  • 129R Shades of purple
  • 130R Shades of gray


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