Diana Vickers channels her inner Madonna

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Diana Vickers channels her inner Madonna

Diana Vickers, a former X Factor star channels her inner Madonna with a high ponytail the pop star rocked in the 90s on her Blonde Ambition Tour. Diana Vickers looks bold with this ‘do and she certainly won’t be out of fashion since ponytails are so ‘in’ this season.

It’s quite an easy and sleek updo, which will help you elongate your torso and make you look younger, taller and slimmer. First start with pull your back and up into a sleek ponytail. It will be much easier to do if you do it with dirty hair. Or you can use a heavy gel or mouss to achieve that perfect sleek look.

Diana Vickers channels her inner Madonna

Madonna as well as Diana Vickers have blonde hair but their roots are showing, so it’s okay if you haven’t groomed your look, you still can pull this off. Fix your ponytail and use some hair from it to wrap around the base of your ponytail to lift it up. Madonna has a braided chignon at the base of her ponytail. In order to make the ponytail thick you can add some blonde extensions. Straight or wavy it will look good either way. Diana Vickers‘ ponytail is twisted and fixed but has a loose tail on the end.

To channel your inner Maddona get bold lips. Diana Vickers used pink lipstick to give her look a modern twist. She also is heavily blushed and has a white eyeliner on her eye waterline. The final look was completed with black shoe boots and short gray futuristic dress with latex panels.

What do you think of Diana Vickers channeling her inner Madonna? Would you sportĀ  this ‘do?

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