Dark Red Lips for Summertime

Find out more about the hottest summer trend - dark red lips. Sensuous, sexy and deep. What shades to sport how to apply them.

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Dark Red Lips for Summertime

Michelle Trachtenberg, Rebecca Taylor backstage Spring 2011 MBFW

Good news to those who love vampy lips. Scarlet and dark red are in for spring/summer season since “decadent” shades have been all over the runway. Celebs have been spotted rocking dark red lips at MET Ball and other glam events. The eyes can still enjoy some color too though. It’s not all strict as before. Blue eyeliner or brown shadows as well as mascara go well with rich shade of red or burgundy.

Dark Red Lips for Summertime

Nicole Richie at MET Ball 2011, her dark rose lips look perfect.

For a quick application go with burgundy balm. It is easy to use and it provides low-maintenance look of dark red lips. You can also put a layer of stain before applying the balm.

Dark Red Lips for Summertime

Jennifer Lopez at MET Ball 2011, rich red shade of lipstick with shimmery eyeshadow and dramatic eyelashes.

Many celebs go with scarlet or dark red lips this season. For a more durable look use lip liner to keep the lipstick intact and prevent bleeding and apply powder as a finishing touch for a durable and deeper shade.

Dark Red Lips for Summertime

Taylor Swift at MET Ball 2011, red lips and rich eye makeup.

If you want to go for a graphic look first apply concealer to your lips to cover your natural lip lines. Now you can draw the lines you want but keep them natural-looking to prevent clownish look. Use lip liner to draw the lip lines and fill in the lips with it. Then put a layer of lipstick of flattering shade of red, dab a bit of powder and put on another layer.

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  1. sanchi roy Says:

    Content Heavy Websites With Beautiful Layout

  2. The White Wordsmith Says:

    It is so difficult to get the glamorous red lip look right. I have tried many times and I always seem to get the shade wrong, either too blue-based or too orangey. This post shows celebs who made the bold red lipstick look their own!

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