Corrective Makeup Tips

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Corrective Makeup Tips

Corrective makeup is a life-saver when you have to look fab and flawless. It can do wonders from hiding blemishes to correcting your face features. There are special corrective makeup products and techniques that will help you create a perfect look for any occasion.

Corrective Makeup Tips

Corrector of different colors will help you conceal anything from black eye to red spots on your skin. Green-tinted corrector neutralizes the redness. Yellow and nude-tinted covers the dark circles under the eyes.

Concealer is usually nude and is also universal in hiding imperfections, blemishes, spots, and dark circles. Be careful to use much of it though cause you may end up accentuating your flaws instead of hiding them.

Foundation can hide minor flaws and even your face skin tone making it smooth. It can be of your skin tone, darker or lighter and you can actually use all the three shades to create a perfect face contour. Downtone the flaws by foundation that is darker shade than your skin tone, use lighter shade to highlight the areas you like and use your skin tone shade foundation to blend the first two and create a natural look out of it all.

Highlighter is great at creating the glow in your skin. Applying it to the cheekbones will make you look fresh, healthy, and a bit dewy.

Illuminating concealer or powder are made to make you shine and sparkle. They also hide such flaws as wrinkles and under eye circles well but be careful using them when photographer as these products contain light reflecting particles that can make you look pale and ashy in pictures.

Corrective Makeup Tips

Square Jawline

To tone down the strong jawline use foundation of darker shade than your skin tone. Round off the jawline by applying the dark foundation over and under the jaw. Also apply it to the temples and the sides of the face i.f your strong jawline is due to square face shape.

Short Face

To add length to the face apply darker foundation tone right under your cheekbones. Then use lighter tone to highlight the cheekbones. When blending the two shades leave a very slight demarcation line. It will make your cheekbones stand out and your face will appear more slender.

Wide Cheeks

Wide cheeks are pertinent not only to round face shape but also a diamond shape. To make your cheeks appear sleeker apply darker foundation shade to the outside parts of your cheekbones blending towards the outer corner of the eyes. Apply lighter shade to the chin and forehead to make the face appear longer.

Narrow Chin

Make narrow chin appear wider by applying light foundation shade to it and if you have a wide forehead (heart face shape) apply darker foundation there.

Corrective Makeup Tips for Nose

  • Long nose Want a shorter nose? Apply darker foundation below your nose and over its tip, blend well.
  • Short nose For longer nose apply lighter foundation below the nose and under its tip.
  • Narrow nose To make your nose appear wider apply lighter foundation to the sides of the nose.
  • Wide nose To make it appear narrower apply darker foundation to the sides of your nose and lighter foundation to the center of the nose from its top to the bottom.

So as you see many things can be done with foundation alone. Learn your face shape and eliminating imperfections will be so much easier with these corrective makeup tips.

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