These Celebrity Selfies Will Convince You That Going Make Up-Free Isn’t All That Bad

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Many celebrities use social media to be close to their fans. And what is a better way to be closer to regular folk than posting a make up-free selfie? Well, while many celebs use lighting and no makeup makeup to make their selfie look good, these celebrities just take a snap and share, blemishes and all.

But even with all this candidness, make up-free looks aren’t all that bad in most cases. So next time you’d want to get a full face of make up before taking out the trash, think about these celebs baring it all for thousands of people who usually see them at their best. So just relax, girl. There’s really no pressure.

Celebrity Selfies Will Convince You That Make Up-Free Looks Aren’t Bad


Tyra Banks

Okay, maybe this particular selfie doesn’t look that good ’cause Tyra Banks is making a face. There is skin tone unevenness, redness, and small imperfections that make her only human though.


Zooey Deschanel

Come as you are moment  from Zooey Deschanel’s morning life. It’s always helpful not to take yourself too seriously.


Adriana Lima

Even Adriana Lima gets an embarrassing red face during a workout. But, guess what, that only means that she gives it her all and that’s why she looks the way she does. Something to think about before you slather on various products, because after a real gym sesh it’s going to look even worse.


Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid may not have much to hide with what’s known as a women’s camouflage, but a model doesn’t shy from showing off her messy bed hair and slight tone unevenness around the eyes.


Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne may look picture-perfect on the red carpet but a selfie from her car shows that a little redness and imperfect hair won’t kill you.


Demi Lovato

In her quest to empower women and destroy society’s beauty standards Demi Lovato still manages to look good without make up. Her eyebrows are on fleek and she’s got that healthy blush going on there.


Diane Kruger

Redness is normal for light skin tones. Diane Kruger knows it and isn’t afraid to show it.


Eva Longoria

This Desperate Housewife looks exceptional with her make up game on. Enter a make up-free selfie and you see skin tone unevenness, dark circles, and patchy eyebrows. Now have you started loving her less?


Laverne Cox

Laverne Cox may not look like her usual red carpet self but it doesn’t prevent her from glowing. How does she do that?


Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid may not wear a lot of make up off-duty anyway, but her hair is always looks effortlessly bouncy. Now, what is going on here? A workout band, sweaty strands, and slight dark circles. No biggie.


Jenna Dewan

LOL. A shaggy bob can be equally glam and scruffy. Jenna Dewan doesn’t seem to mind either.


Lady Gaga

I’m not sure if that’s eye shadow but even if it is, it looks more like skin tone discoloration. But it’s not like that’s first almost nude (make up-wise) shot of Gaga, it’s the normal clothes she’s wearing that I still can’t get used to seeing.

Well, what have we learned today ladies? It’s okay to work out, do daily tasks, and even go out without full face of make up. Having eyebrows helps you look better without it. And a good skin scare routine and diet can probably allow you to pull off a make up-free look.

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