“Caviar & Oyster” by Bobbi Brown

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Bobbi Brown has announced the release of the new make up collection “Caviar & Oyster” designed specifically for Holiday 2012 season!

Holiday 2012 Make up by Bobbi Brown

Have you noticed that the Holiday 2012 season is all about glamour and sparkles? Well, Bobbi Brown is following the trend in her own way with introducing new dark seductive palettes, fabulous lip gloss, gorgeous mascara and of course nail polish to finish up the look!

The centerpiece of the collection is of course the Bobbi Brown Caviar & Oyster Palette, with 8 gorgeous matte tones from White
Sandy Pearl (metallic), Pink Opal (shimmer), Grey Sky, Plum Steel (metallic), Rich Caviar, Heather Grey, Pearl Oyster Sparkle and Ballet Sparkle.

Another attention stealing items are Bobbi Brown Caviar & Oyster Brightening Lip Gloss, dual ended mascara only in black, and of course the Black Pearl’ Nail Polish. Another items include High Shimmer Lip Gloss in sheer natural white-pink and Lip Gloss available in black pearl and pink oyster!

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