Brown Eyes Make Up

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If you have brown or dark brown eyes, you are the lucky one. There is not a secret that dark eyes attract make a very strong impression. And the topic is not about the make up as the brown-eyed women stand out against a background of blue or grey-eyed ones.

The brown-eyed beauties don’t need to create a new image daily. It’s enough to accentuate the natural cattish playfulness of the look by a few strokes and the world will be at your feet again.


So, what are the must-have make-up items for the brown-eyed? And what makeup will make your eyes look showy?


If you want to turn your eyes into alluring and tender look for a special evening, use the Arab style and your beloved won’t get enough watching you. The best eyeliner color is black. Apply the liner along the eyelashes line of the upper eyelid. The lower eyelid can be contoured with the black eye pencil. The aim is to get a cat eye uplifting the outer corners.

Finish the look of Oriental beauty with the olive-, chestnut-, or golden-colored eye shadows. Enticing and mysterious look will be achieved if you mix up several hues of one gamut. Makeup tints should smoothly flow from one to another, from the lightest at the inner corners to the rich dark of the outer.


Let’s chose the right eye shadows.

The main rule of the perfect makeup – the shadows are created for your brown eyes, not visa versa. That’s simply the method to stress the natural beauty of your eyes, dark depth and enigmatic warmth of your brown hues. Don’t cover the eyelids with all the possible tints that you have in the palette. But all you should do is to stress this or that eye shape.

What eye shadows fit well brown eyes?

Olive-brown gamut matches well the light-brown eye (particularly if the skin is a bit tanned). But if you chose the right outfit colors and hair color is black, you can even try the rich blue and dark blue, khaki hues – it looks great. The point is not to overdo with it. Apply a bit of rich-blue tint onto the outer eye corners just above the eyelashes.

If you have a light (almost porcelain) skin, then you’ll fit with bright cool colors: bright-blue, green-sea, fuchsia and so on. The thing is to match the makeup palette with the general gamut of your outfit: dress, lipstick, hair color, and your spirit of course.


Orange and pink tints are not usually used. They don’t look good.

Brown eyes look more attractive if they are shaded by the mixed colors from ochre to bronze and jet-black as well as grey, chocolate and violet hues.

Be careful with purple tint as it brightens up the light-brown eyes but at the same time it can intensify the yellowness of the white of the eyes.

Note for the green-brown-eyed women:

Feel free to use eye pencils, eyeliners and mascara of the following hues: violet, dark-blue, chocolate and grey-brown. Lightening eye shadows (which are applies onto the inner eye corners): milky or cream-colored, lilac, peach-colored and gold-silver ones. Now darkening eye shadows (which are applies onto the outer eye corners): violet, lilac, indigo, grey-brown, grey-blue and dark-blue.


A lot of the world known makeup artists argue on if a black mascara should be used for the brown eyes makeup or not.

Here are the trends we should mention about:

If your hair color is pale yellow or dark blond, then the brown mascara will fit you best. But if you are a woman with jet-black hair, you’d better switch for a black one. This kind of makeup will accentuate the attractiveness of your eyes and your passionate nature.

Brown eyes make up

Don’t mascara too much, because it looks slovenly. Apply mascara with accurate stokes parting every lash and establishing the unique image of the Hollywood stars of the 30s. And to keep the lashes from sticking to each other, you can powder them a bit before putting on mascara.

Makeup artists advise you to make up thoroughly. Dark eyes are always the center of attention. And it’s easy to notice if you do something wrong or inaccurate with them.

And the last note about the gamut. If fact only the brown-eyed women are allowed to use the bright hues at the day time, but be careful – brown eyes catch up the attention in any case. So the too rich make-up colors can turn you into the girl from a carnival.

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