Bright Makeup: Fashionable Look vs. Bad Taste

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Speaking of bright makeup one must admit that the line between fashionable expressive look and bad taste is very thin, so it is very easy to overstep it. Just another touch of makeup brush, wrong shade of foundation or even skin imperfection can be enough to spoil your bright makeup look. Therefore to get fashionable bright makeup having nothing in common with bad taste would take a great deal of patience and application.

Bright Makeup: Fashionable Look vs. Bad Taste

Basic Bright Makeup Rules

If you venture to do bright makeup you must not merely apply it skillfully in accordance to your appearance but as well make your look natural and balanced.

Bright Makeup: Fashionable Look vs. Bad Taste

Every detail whether oily sheen of your face, treasonably erupted pimple, dark circles under eyes or improperly selected makeup shades would take its toll. Thus fundamental rules of successful bright makeup are perfect eyebrows, beautiful mat complexion, and proper balance of makeup shades.


Bright eye makeup is the most difficult to do. Opt for the eyeshadow color that fits you, it can be saturated blue, violet, green, yellow, and orange (coral or terracotta shades).

Bright Makeup: Fashionable Look vs. Bad Taste

Start applying bright eyeshadow colors to the zone close to lashes as it would be easier for you to shade it. Eyeshadow should be shaded very carefully and it is better not to overstep the bounds of the upper eyelid fixing color closer to lashes. After emphasize your eyes contour with pale eyeliner pencil or with the same eyeshadow hue.

More Bright Makeup Tips

  • Mascara shouldn’t be applied thickly and it is better to opt for lengthening mascara of gray or brown color.
  • However if you can’t venture to bold vivid eyeshadow colors, opt for more laconic version and spice it with heavier eyeliner and mascara application.
  • If you want to get that 50s catchy cat eye makeup look, remember that line should be very accurate and applied only to the upper lid.
  • It is assumed impossible to combine dramatic eye makeup with vivid lip color, but when it comes to bright makeup we can violate this rule with impunity. But it is very important not to overdo- it would be better to accentuate your lips with gloss instead of bright-colored lipstick in order to avoid excessive dramatic effect.
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