Bright Make Up: Beautiful But Not Vulgar

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Summer make up has its own peculiar features. Some of you prefer natural summer look and others want to be bright. Though one should be careful in order not to overdo with it as this particular make up can easily turn your image into the vulgar and weird.

Summer 2010 trendy bright make up

However, there are simple tips to look trendy this summer and catch the admiring eyes wearing the bright colors!

Tip #1

The most important rule of any bright makeup is to form the brows neatly, and to apply the under-makeup-foundation. Remember that bright make up emphasizes all the shortcomings of the skin. That’s why powder your face around, even under-the-eyes area as that’ll be easier to shake off the eye shadows grains after the look is done.

Summer 2010 trendy makeup

Tip # 2

Apply a primer onto the eyelids or some shadows identical to the skin color. You can smooth out the under-the-eyes skin color this way. It’ll boost the make up hues.

Tip # 3

Bright eye shadows are blue, violet, green, yellow and orange. Fair-skined ladies can experiment with a bit lither tints; meanwhile, the swarthy ones can vary darker hues. Blue and violet eye shadows match the black eye liner and black mascara. Green shadows are the chance to free from the pale tints, as well as yellow and orange ones with black eye liner are perfect for this Summer 2010.

Summer bright make up

Tip # 4

If you resolve on trying the bright make up, then don’t overlook blush. You need it for the image balance. Peach and pink rouge are very trendy this season, as we have already mentioned about it.

Tip # 5

Summer should shine, right? So try on the shinning lip glosses for the day time and the rich-colored lipstick for the evenings. But anyway, bright tints on the lips require the contouring pencil as the hues shouldn’t run around the lips area.

Summer 2010 trendy make up

There are several ways to put on the bright colors onto the eyes.

First of all, you can shade the eye lids and the under-the-brows zone. If you chose some dark tint, then it should be more intensive along the line of eye lashes growth becoming lighter when closer to the eye brows. Add some light hues to the inner eyes corners.

Summer trendy make up

Secondly, you can make up the eyelids with neutral shadows tone while emphasizing the outer-eye-corners area up to the brows with the bright hues. Black eye liner and mascara are the must elements of this make up.

Summer 2010 trendy bright makeup

Thirdly, if you are afraid to use bright eye shadows, then try rich eyeliners and mascara. For example, blue mascara and eye liner (or pencil) look great with grey eye shadows, and green mascara and shadows match with golden-brown shadows in the corners of the eyes. Violet eye contour and mascara look good with delicate blue and lilac eye shadows.

Summer make up

In one word, combine the colors and shine on! This summer is the time to be attractive and self-confident!

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