Bridal Makeup Tips: How to Look your Best in Wedding Photos

Wedding is no doubt one of the most significant events in the lifetime. And to keep only pleasant moments in your memory and in wedding photos you are to think over your beauty look carefully. We’ve sorted out several essential bridal makeup tips for you to look your best in wedding photos.

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Wedding plays such a significant role in women’s life. Brides-to-be are willing to do anything to look their best wearing amazing wedding gowns coupled with flawless beauty look. So in order to keep that flawless beauty in wedding photos as well you are to follow some essential bridal makeup tips.

Bridal Makeup Tips: How to Look your Best in Wedding Photos

First, dear brides, you should learn that the most important about bridal makeup is that it should be lasting in order to look your best in wedding photos.

  • Take various primers, waterproof mascara and eyeliner.
  • Apply cream eyeshadow instead of dry one and opt for cream or gel blush. Apply it before powdering.
  • Stock up with matte tissues and lipstick to refresh your makeup during the day.
  • As photoflash accentuates rosy skin tones, it is better to use makeup foundation with yellow pigment. Create even texture, and color paying special attention to the cheekbones and area under the nose.
  • Don’t apply highlighter to the whole face, as it would reflect more light than it is necessary. Otherwise in wedding photos your face would appear light-struck. Apply highlighter only to the area under your eyebrows, the outer corners of your eyes and to the upper cheekbones.
  • Use concealer to hide dark circles under eyes. But don’t apply it to the upper eyelid in order eyeshadow not to tickle down. It is better to opt for primer set for eye makeup.
  • Apply a bit of bronzer or dark powder to your neck, décolleté and shoulders to make complexion similar to your skin tone.

Read on 5 wedding makeup mistakes to avoid for gorgeous bridal photo-friendly beauty look.

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