Bobby Brown Make Up Collection 2013

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Continuing the theme of Spring 2013 collections, world renowned brand Bobby Brown keeps on working for releasing several collections for Spring season of the upcoming year. Let’s take a closer look at two already released collections, that Bobby Brown would be launching for Spring 2013!
Bobby Brown Make Up Collection 2013

Bobby Brown Releasing Spring 2013 Collection

Bobby Brown Cosmetics is taking seriously the task of preparing for the Spring 2013 season! It is not even 2013, and they have already released two unforgettable colections for the spring season! The first collection however, “Retouching Powders” is concentrating exclusively on the powder touch for the face, while the second one is all about the eyes and lips. Let’s take a sneek peek at these two collections!
Bobby Brown Make Up Collection 2013
The first collection as mentioned earlier is the “Retouching Powders” consists of the products for the cheeks. It contains six intriguing hues of the retouching powder and a set of brushes:

1. Bobbi Brown Retouching Powder – New – 4.7 g

#01 Yellow
#02 Rose
#03 Pink
#04 Peach -Limited edition color
#05 White – Limited edition color
Bobby Brown Make Up Collection 2013
2. Sheer Powder Brush and Full Coverage Face Brush

The second collection is more extensive, as it features products mostly for the eyes, with slight indication of touching the lips or cheeks. The collection starts from the eye brightener, to highlight certain areas, then goes to offer the Soothing Balm that can be applied to dry lips to make them moisturazied, or likewise it can be used on the cheeks for a healthy sheen. This balm contains variety of natural plant extracts, such as avocado, geranium and rosemary essential oils, which make this product really desirable! Lastly, there is an eyebrow pencil only in one variation and eye shadows in the six tones! So, the full set is composed from:
Bobby Brown Make Up Collection 2013

1. Tinted Eye Brightener (6 ml) – New

#01 Porcelain Bisque – ceramic
#02 Light Bisque – shallow pottery color
#06 Porcelain Peach – pale peach
#07 Light to Medium Peach – peach
#08 Peachy – peachy pink

2. Extra Soothing Balm (15 ml)

Bobby Brown Make Up Collection 2013

3. Eyebrow Pencil (1.15 g)

#07 Rich Mahogany – dark brown

Bobby Brown Make Up Collection 2013
4. Sparkle Eyeshadow – $28.00

#01 Silver Moon – satin
#03 Ballet Pink – pink skin
#04 Mica – light gray
#20 Cement – ash brown
#22 Black Chocolate – jet black
#23 Gold Star Venus

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