Blush changes your image

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Remember! Blush changes your image.


Women used blush all the times to look chic and well-groomed.

But what do we know about blush? First of all it brightens up our face; the second, it rejuvenates our skin, and of course it smoothes our make-up shaping the face.

But there are also some things we should know about it.

There are different kinds of blush:

Compact blush. It is similar to the colored powder.

Compact blush

Liquid blush & Creamy blush. Liquid rouge is pretty steady. Apply it on your skin using the sponge and then powder it a little. Creamy rouge is easier to use. It is soft on the skin but it’s also to be powdered.

Powder blush. You can put it after the powder.

powder blush

Pearl blush. It’s just like the pearl powder. It easily covers the places of your face you need to.

Pearl blush

Also you should take into consideration the hue of the blush you want to try. The perfect tint is the color of your cheeks after the gym trainings or after the fresh air walks.

Blonds can use almost all tints of blush. Pastel pink and light beige hues are preferred.

Red-haired women should avoid too bright or dark tints. Your color gamut is warm peach, beige and pastel pink.

Brunettes should give preference to beige-brown, peach and warm pink tints.

East type women are great with pink and red-brown blush. If you have light skin, you’ll go very well with pail-pink and natural gamut. And if the skin is tawny, you’d better try darker hues.

Try to have some variety of blushes in your cosmetics bag: natural tints for every day use, rich colors for special evenings, and gold or bronze blush for summer.

If you want to have no problems with your blush try to choose dry blush for the evening make-up, and grease blush for the day before the powder is applied.

Here some examples of how you can put the blush according to your face type:

Heart-shaped face: Apply the blush on the cheeks and shade it in ears direction. Mark the cheekbones to make the magnetic shape.

heart shaped face

Round face: Start putting the blush from the cheeks shading it around the temples. Emphasize the lower part of the cheeks.

round face

Square face: Put the rouge from the low cheeks upward. For better effect highlight the cheekbones.

square face

Oval face: Apply the rouge bottom-up marking the cheekbones.

oval face

Try the blush once and you simply won’t be able to go without it any longer.

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2 Responses to “Blush changes your image”
  1. Alberta Says:

    Hello! I’ve read this article and think it’s good for understanding.

    I see you have a very young blog and I hope it will grow up!

    Keep up good work!

  2. faryal Says:

    Hi ! very informative i must say especially the part about applying blush according to the shape of the face ….keep it up !!!

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