Bleached eyebrows: new trend?

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I wonder why sometimes things that don’t look beautiful become fashion trends. For example, I have never seen a girl who looked nice with bleached eyebrows. Even Lara Stone, who is always perfect, doesn’t seem to me attractive with absolutely white ones! This is something I will never be able to understand. It’s the same as if we all would like to become yellow or red, why not? Interesting and unusual…

Brow trends change slower than others but they do. For some time we enjoyed more natural-looking normal-shaped brows and now viola – peroxide blonde eyebrows appear! They aren’t pencil-thin or too bushy, still normal-sized but entirely white.

adriana lima bleached eyebrows
Blonde eyebrows become more and more popular. We have seen them on Lara Stone, Alla Kostromicheva, Ranya Mordanova, Adriana Lima and Katlin Aas.

If you, unlike me, would like to try this new hot trend these makeup tips might be helpful:

  • Get your eyebrows professionally bleached at a salon, at least for the first time. Do not try this at home.
  • Don’t match your eyebrow colour to your hair colour. Make your eyebrows blonde. If your hair is blonde, get the eyebrows a lighter shade. You need a dramatic effect.
  • To make the look even more dramatic, use dark eye makeup around the eyes and a bold colour lipstick.

ranya mordanova bleached eyebrows

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  1. ewwww Says:

    that is fucked up

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