BECCA Cosmetics Presents New Dethroned Collection

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BECCA Cosmetics Presents New Dethroned Collection

BECCA Cosmetics’ Dethroned Collection

BECCA Cosmetics prepared a new makeup collection called Dethroned consisting of matte lipstick in eight shades, cream eyeliner in four shades, a new nail polish shade and lip and eye perfectors.

The Dethrone collection is inspired by the bold look of regal elegance. Rich, velvety matte lips of intense hues meet dramatic eyes with color-rich definition. Nails lacquered in dove grey add the finishing touch to the opulent look.

The colors and hues in this collection are indeed elegant and beautiful. The lipsticks come in rich dramatic hues which range from crimson to nude. The eyeliners include plum and ivy beside the common black and brown and the nail color is simply amazing.

BECCA Cosmetics Presents New Dethroned Collection

The matte lipstick is said to have hydrating properties that help it glide on the lips.

  • Adele raspberry
  • Amelia poppy pink
  • Antoinette merlot
  • Aurora coral red
  • Claudine nude
  • Eloise ballerina pink
  • Isolde nude mauve
  • Josephine crimson

BECCA Cosmetics Presents New Dethroned Collection

The cream eyeliner in pots comes in four dramatic shades with long-wearing formula, can also be worn as eyeshadow.

  • Romanesque matte black
  • Renaissance matte brown
  • Belle Epoque shimmering plum
  • Neo Classic shimmering ivy

BECCA Cosmetics Presents New Dethroned Collection

The collection also includes two priming perfector for lips and eyes. The Lip Priming Perfector creates a smooth defined base to prolong the lip color and prenvent it from fading or feathering. The Eye Priming Perfector does pretty much the same thing for the eyes creating a base for long-wearing effect without creasing.

BECCA Cosmetics Presents New Dethroned Collection

The dove grey Camelot nail polish is a sophisticated shade that will help finish the look.

All the products including the nail polish from the Dethroned Collection are available at BECCA Cosmetics online store. It’s a great way to revamp your Spring look adding more dramatic and autumnly colors into it.

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