Beauty Trend 2010 White Eye Makeup

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Maybe I will surprise you, but the hot makeup trend 2010 is white eyes. GiambatistaValli initiated this trend, difficult to adapt on a daily basis in my opinion. I recommend you try to apply white pencil on the lower eyelid before applying the eye shadow powder with matte texture.

make up trends 2010

If you were the “nude make-up” addicted kind of woman, well, this a great opportunity for you to mix the new trends with the old fashioned ones. Because you can combine white with beige, and there you go, upper eyelid colored in nude pink, peach, beige and lower eyelid, sketched in white.Celebrities also joined the party of white eye makeup trend followers by applying white matte and glittery eyeshadows.

trends 2010 eyemakeup

Though this tendency popped up also in 2008, makeup artists still managed to re-invent it a few years later fulfilling the need of the public for the ‘wow’ effect. Lift the droopy eyelids with a creative trick and balance the supernatural aura of the style with other flattering shades as beige, matte pink and also a muted nude eye shadow. The only condition to master the white eye makeup look is to match it with your natural skin tone.

white eye makeup

Those who were blessed with a porcelain complexion should skip the excessive use of white under the eyes. On the other hand those who enjoy the beauty of dark skin tone should wobble between the white and beige color palette. Along purple and sparkling makeup white will find its well-deserved position among the makeup trend of summer 2010.

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