Beauty Tips From Kate Winslet

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Kate Winslet attended the New York premiere of “Away We Go” Monday, June 1, 2009. Probably it’s no a great surprise that she appeared there. The point we are curious about is her fresh and glam chic look. She might have spent hours to get this splendid make up.

Julia Bolino, the make-up artist gives step-by-step recommendations on how to achieve the barefaced beauty look yourself.

Kate Winslet

1. Flawless skin. Kate’s face was covered with a foundation with light-reflecting particles, so that the light could bounce off her face. Blemishes and under-eye shadows have been hidden with concealer. A loose light powder makes her foundation stay firmly on the face.

2. Shining eyes. Having a natural look of the eyes, the 33-years-old-actress’s make-up stylist worked hard to create this image. A peach iridescent eye shadow, a cream or powder,was applied to her eyelids. Plus a light brown eye shadow was well blended into her eye socket line to make her eyes look more deep set.

3. A-bit-shadowed-peachy cheeks. To get the effect of such cheeks, don’t overdo with a blusher. Apply the hue that complements your skin tone. Kate went for a light peachy tint.

4. Fascinating brows and lashes. What you need to know here is that the use of liquid eyeliner and mascara can do a successful look or spoil it completely. Liquid eyeliner is better than a kohl pencil and you can use the tiny applicator brush just to give definition rather than a heavy line. Light mascara finishes the look.

Miss Winslet has naturally well shaped eyebrows and it seems that the make-up artist left them to speak for themselves. She only gave zest to the eyebrows having shaped them with a light brown eyeshadow.

Kate Winslet With Her Husband Sam Mendes

5. Natural lips. If your aim is to keep up your natural beauty rather then to cover your face with “hunting- panther” make up, don’t go any darker or lighter than your natural lips hue. Kate treated her lips with a dirty rose shade which looked young and fresh. Use a natural lip liner and fill in with a fresh rosy pink. Lip gloss is not an appropriate agent for this sort of make up.

6. Easy Hair. Mother-of-two stressed her beauty with a high ponytail that bared her face revealing the above described natural make up. I wonder if she did the updo by herself, but in fact if looked just right and fresh.

Accompanying her husband, Sam Mendes, on the Red Carpet she was an adornment of the event. Using Kate Winslet’s beauty secret tips you can take a walk after her.

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  1. Bo Says:

    Hello, Kate is the best!
    I love her very much, when i am sad i looking to her picture and then i smile again !
    But Leonardo is the prettiest ;)

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