Autumnal golden makeup

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Autumnal golden makeup

What can be more ‘in’ than a golden makeup, a true autumnal color which works for everybody. Want to shine and glow? Then gold is what you need. Glam up that ordinary look and prepare to catch fascinated looks. No worries about the skin tone or hair color. Gold brings best in any skin tone.

You do not necessarily have to cover yourself in gold even the slightest touch of gold-tinted product just where you need it will help light up your skin with a glamorous glow. The key of pulling off the golden makeup is not overdoing it with gold shadow or blush. It should only highlight your features otherwise you might end up looking like some sort of statue.

Golden eye makeup

Autumnal golden makeup

Gold eyeshadow looks great on the eyes and can be there independently as well as work great in a combo with copper,  brown, orange and coral red. Put golden eyeshadow to the inner corner of your eye and a bit below your brow bone for more highlight.

The best way to rock golden autumnal eyes is keeping the rest of the makeup tamed or nude. Avoid putting too much gold to the different parts of your face. Bold eyes will best work alone with some nude lipstick or gloss.

Autumnal golden makeup

Golden lip makeup

Autumnal golden makeup

Golden lips are dramatic and highly glamorous. To pull them off add a bit of golden gloss above your regular lipstick to the center of your lips. This will make them appear more pouty, fuller and plumper. Be sure that your golden lipstick is applied carefully as well as test it in different lighting to make sure it doesn’t appear green.

Golden blush

Autumnal golden makeup

Bring in the warmth and glow to your cheeks with a light touch of gold blush. Use as your regular blush or highlighter but don’t forget that the more intense the color is the more it gets a heavy tone, which sometimes is shot with green color.

Dab your brush into the golden blush and tap on the hard surface to remove the product excess. Then sweep your cheeks as you do with your regular brush once. The color should be unnoticeable, all you really want to see is glow.

Golden skin

Autumnal golden makeup

Celebrities and models use this trick to exude glow and make their skin appear flawless. Especially if you have dark skin tone or you are properly tanned your skin will glow with even more warmth if you apply golden powder or special body gel with glitter to your arms, neckline, maybe legs.

In case with the powder use moisturizer at first so that the glitter particles stuck better. Be sure that the powder is crushed thoroughly, otherwise you’ll be covered with big chucks of glitter which is not quite flattering.

Autumnal golden makeup is so ‘in’ this season you can do no wrong by trying any of the above options. Try various color combination including gold and you might end up with a unique yet trendy look!

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